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Zimmer Nr.3

This series addresses my personal working conditions as an artist, specially the interruptions and daily influences that hinder a continuous, and concentrated work. It is an ongoing process, is constantly in change, and is planned to be shown in its various working stages.

I have been working on Zimmer Nr.3 – Interruption for about a year. I started it during my stay in New York in 2016, before the first exhibition took place in my studio in Berlin in 2017. Here, it was important to me to take the space of its development, the studio itself, as a starting point. During the exhibition period, I have conducted various individual discussions about the work, which I incorporated into the ongoing painting process. The paintings are moving within my own body measurements and were penetrated with my own physical and mental work process, such as writings, sketches, images I randomly got in touch with.
For me, the interesting thing is to visualize a structure of non-visual artistic work, which moves on but also has moments of arrival for me as an artist, as well for the viewer.
Studio, Berlin 2017