Website of Marie Letkowski


I examine within my work the performative aspects in painting. Following the approach of rather creating a spatial atmosphere with the means of painting than of reproducing an image of a particular space, I condense my paintings into installations, called Zimmer (engl. chamber).


Every Zimmer deals with a different subject. By transferring surfaces of a specific room (e.g. wall paper patterns) onto the surface of a canvas, I begin each series with a „wall painting“. Subsequently, I develop , what I call, additional paintings which either weaken or enhance the effects which the „wall paintings“ initiate. Each group is extensible with other series of paintings. This is a working method which, through the particularities of each exhibition space, allows me to work on each series indefinitely.


I intend to implement different strategies for activating the space between what an image shows and what an image does. Using the painting as a transformative element within the actual space, I focus on challenging the very act of seeing in a self-determined way. Each Zimmer is an ongoing process.


*born in 1984, currently based in Berlin