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Look at me like a friend would do I

in collaboration with Janine Eisen├Ącher
Look at me like a friend would do is a collaborative project that combines painting and performance art as art genres, bringing together the formats of exhibition and live performance. In doing so, we want to challenge the traditional or usual ways of presenting and perceiving paintings within an exhibition. Moreover, we want to discuss the different working processes in both fields, including the working temporalities of our individual and collaborative artistic practice, the specific modes of production, and the aspect of visible and invisible work. Our aim is to put the singular paintings as well as the whole space generated by the paintings into a concrete, physical and mental dialogue with the actual bodies in space. During the durational performance the light turned off and on again in regular intervals.


le sous-commun, Berlin 2016



vielleicht heisst ja

in collaboration with Anne Arlt
Bar du Bois, Vienna 2015